This is the first of my ongoing series entitled… Stupid Wiccan Tricks!

Recently I consecrated some ritual jewelry in some “special” water. I decided to let the jewelry take a bath  in the moonlight and the water. This means on my little balcony. I knew it would freeze, but I thought, what the heck. Might be fun. Here is the image of what resulted:

That is my first post in “stupid Wiccan tricks!”

What happens when you are obsessed with your occult jewelry

3 thoughts on “This is the first of my ongoing series entitled… Stupid Wiccan Tricks!”

  1. Your articles and attitude are delightful. allow me to invite you to “appear” on my new radio show on WWPR (World Wiccan Pagan Radio).
    We are hoping to launch by Equinox–if I can get the funding and support of the Network. I have submitted my show concept ( All things wiccan and pagan related with a basic host/co-host and guest/news mix with a twist of comedy.) I am in the third stage of negotiations. I am trying to attract and set up a slew of guests to kick off the Spring Quarter. your input is much desired:as a guest, a sponsor, an advertiser,a co-producer, a supporter–anywhere you feel comfortable. I am getting my press release to WitchVox today and I will be appearing as Witch 1 (not willing to share my real name) on a conservative AM Radio Talk Station. The lamb is walking towards the lions head held high!! ( but not with my real name–i have to live in this town!!)

    1. Hi,

      I am not sure the format of your show is or the source of the comedy… Can you give me more information? You say it is an AM station- but what town are you afraid of being on the air in?

      I think I would prefer to tune in and listen for a while before committing. I have a lot on my plate..

      Thank you,

  2. We now have been picked up by Cyberstation USA (a world wide broadcasting network) today.
    The format of the show is straightforward–A main Host, Witch One, a co-host,Snowflake,guests talking about their books, their particular path, a subject, etc. The comedy source of the show is the interplay between the hosts–one represents a very serious female witch and the other a more new age type pagan boy. Their differing philosophies on life and religion create a stimulating and comedic dialogue–because they both care deeply about what they believe. The show is not funny in any other way. It is a creative device necessary for a show of this type to be picked up by the mainstream and a vehicle to allow us to express ourselves to ourselves and the public at large, to dispel ignorance and fear and so we can go about our day doing things while we listen to a show about us. Witch One

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