Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is the work of companioning another person through their spiritual journey. A spiritual director helps others listen for the voice of God/Goddess or spirit in their lives, and equips them with tools and resources in order to discern that voice. A spiritual director is not a psychotherapist or pastoral caregiver. Rather, a spiritual director acts as a kind of mirror when meaning-making, growth, and decision making, often known as discernment, has a decidedly spiritual dimension to it.

Once we attend to the still waters of reflection, we can learn so much. We can transform ourselves and our world, we can amplify truths that we have turned aside from, and we can dig beneath everyday anxiety to reclaim not just our path forward- but also our authentic, magical self.

I first learned about spiritual direction when I was a candidate for Unitarian Universalist ministry, and it has proven an important tool for me over the years, helping me to integrate aspects of myself. Spiritual direction can help anyone in any path or walk of life discover their purpose and seize upon those practices that are life-affirming. I am currently in training as a spiritual director through Cherry Hill Seminary.

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