Samhain Poem by Valerie

Cradled on the brink,  in a place of the earth’s own making,

the leaves and the voices are rattling my soul,

the darkness closes in, the candles are lighted,

but they are with me,

all that I treasure and will treasure,

there is no god/dess that is trampled by the grinding heap of rubble in the city

there is no Hallowed voice that cannot call to your soul

or cut through the bramble of anxieties that gnaw you

“Arise, Dance, Feast, and Be with us

we are listening now,

as you will be listening one day-

Arise, Dance, Feast, and Be with us!”

The Sunshine will not rest, it only stretches and grows lanquid,

The moon is ever a  comfort against nakedness

“Arise, Dance, Feast and Be with us!

Sing with us the unfinished melody

that has its source

At the end of Desire”

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