Light the bayberry candles folks- the inevitable New Year’s thoughts

2010: a litany of bad behaviors to avoid.

I dislike resolutions. I think of cycles, not years, I try to avoid calendar year thinking at all costs.  I have no resolutions besides the ones I have already set for myself,  which are ongoing, so instead, here are a few fun behaviors/things to want to trash  that I “adopted” last year….

Swim cap loss-

I most have lost 4 swim caps this year. Several died horrible deaths in the swimsuit water extractor thingey (where you are only allowed to put your swimsuit). For those of you unfamiliar with this device, think, salad spinner made of metal and powered by electricity…

At least one swim cap descended to the bowls of the institution where I am lucky enough to have my gym/workplace;  presumably that  it  enjoyed “tunnel of light” experience and found itself being washed along with the  women’s  locker room  towels, never to be seen or heard from again.

One disappeared from  under my desk mice??

Forgetting where which empty locker in which one has stored one’s clothes- as you can imagine, this is particularly embarrassing if your chosen exercise  9/10 of the time is swimming- awkward running around the locker room moments….

Losing, and finding, of metrocards- ‘nuff said. I prefer to walk, anyway!

Leaving lunch boxes in taxis. (I think this was 3 this year)

First of all, taxis should be avoided! They are expensive!

Second of all, Robert de Niro is not going to appreciate your smelly plastic container of left over home-made chicken with veggies!

Procrastination this is a biggie. Procrastinating behaviors:

a)Facebook, you are dead to me! For at least three minutes!

b) Reorganizing of book shelves- usually only leads to more confusion later on and massive avalanches in which naked toes can bruised and buried. Same applies to needlework project collection, although fabric and threads are softer, needles need to be stored appropriately!

c)Entering Whole Foods in a state of hunger. I will leave that one up to your imagination.

That’s all from my selfish outpost of publishing for 2011.  Here is my latest prayer/poem:

Drink deeply of the wine of life in the coming year. Flame your inner spark until it becomes a glowing light of compassion to others. Lift your thoughts into the skies; the wind will carry them, and so scatter them so that the best may fall into the fertile earth and bloom as fields of grain, and the worst may nourish the birds.  Have peace, and give peace. May you reach your heart’s desire, or be enraptured and reformed by the struggles and the failings. Peace out!

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