Launching a New Network- the Circle for Power and Compassion!

Gee, I hope this name isn’t taken already…

I’ve decided to launch a new network. Here are the details.  Anyone can take part, but it is meant first of all for the community which I know best.

I am interested in forming a network of service-oriented pagans, witches, heathens, druids, African Diaspora faiths,  members of magickal orders and like-minded folks to do community service projects and activism together.

Devotion to the gods means more to me than ritual and offerings. It means reaching out and healing if you revere a healing deity, or creating public protest art if you revere an bardic god, or supporting soldiers and soldier’s rights if you support a martial deity. And not just in our community, but towards others as well.

When a bad economy hits, for example, and we are all out of work, we are all in the same boat- let’s help each other out and our communities with more than spells and candles.

I want to create a network where all groups  inform each other of their service projects-food drives, charity witches balls, environmental activism, park and beach clean-ups, visiting the elderly — whatever it is your group is already doing or would do if you had more people. Tell everyone about it, and get others to come along.

Nothing more than an information service at first, and perhaps a series of meet-ups. Starting in the New York Area, where I live, but after that- who knows?

If you are interested in being part of this effort, please email me at, and I will send add you to the mailing list when I create a meet-up or yahoo group.

I am hoping to launch this in honor of Martin Luther King Day- the national day of service, on January 18th, 2010.

I am starting this information service/online group because of my frustration with the intense degree of navel gazing in the pagan community, and the paucity of organized volunteerism. I know we care, and I want to help provide links for us to do it. Beyond that, who knows? Let’s see what happens.
I am like you- I have my own personal concerns, job frustrations, dreams, goals, et cetera.  You may say “I am out of work! I have kids! I can’t focus on this! I have no time! I hear you, I understand that. But you have to start some time, some how, and some where. That is what I am intending to do.
Now, I know there are groups out there like pagan pride, Avalon Cares, Lady Liberty League and a host who do this work.  I am hoping to learn more from their example. I am a member of ADF as well, and I recently learned that service is a core requirement for them- that is fantastic. I hope to learn more about what others are doing. But mostly, I hope to in 2010 to learn by doing. My experience up until now has mostly been limited to passing the hat or by asking people to bring toys to a Yule ritual. Maybe we can do more! Start slow, and build up!
So here goes. Whee! I jump into the fray. I will write about this on this blog, I am sure. Stay tuned, as they say!

1 thought on “Launching a New Network- the Circle for Power and Compassion!”

  1. That’s such a great idea! Thank you for doing this!

    Apropos of another conversation, the amount of navel-gazing and paucity of organized community service is something that’s been getting to me about (at least my particular) UU church as well. We talk big about changing the world and making it better, but the church doesn’t actually facilitate those activities, it just provides the desire. My friends from serious Episcopalian families amaze me with all their stories about religiously-facilitated volunteer work.

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