Imbolc Song (sung to the tune of the air “The Flower of Finae”)

Bright red is your flame on a cold winter’s morning,
We welcome your touch at the Spring’s early dawning,
Come Brigit, bright maiden, awaken the land,
Come Brigit, bright maiden, be welcome this day.

The craftsman you guide him, his hands you are shaping,
You teach us the skills and the beauty of making.
Come Brigit, bright maker awaken our hands,
Come Brigit, bright maiden, be welcome this day.

You take all our pain and our sickness with gladness,
Your flame it can burn all the dark and the sadness,
Come Brigit, bright healer, awaken our hearts,
Come Brigit, bright maiden be welcome this day.

You birth with your voice all the songs of the nations,
The glimmer of poetry, the Jewel of Creation,
Come Brigit, bright Bard, awaken our soul,
Come Brigit bright maiden, be welcome this day.

We are under her keeping, each day and each night,
We are under the shielding of the Midwife of Light,
Oh Brigit, bright maiden, rekindle the flame,
Oh Brigit, bright Goddess be with us, today.

Sung to the tune of “The Flower of Finae”

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