FAQ on Spiritual Direction

(Frequently Asked Questions) on Spiritual Direction

What is spiritual direction?

Spiritual direction is the process of accompanying people on their spiritual journey. A spiritual director works with seekers who wish to listen for the voice of God/Goddess in their lives, discern the spiritual dimensions of vocation, or offer listening and guidance around spiritual practice.

What are you currently offering?

I offer one on one spiritual direction on Zoom.

What will this be like?

We will meet for an hour-long session, once a month, on Zoom or, by prior arrangement, with another video-conferencing app. We open and close with a centering or grounding moment.

Do I have to be a person of a particular faith to benefit from spiritual direction?

Spiritual direction is for people of any faith or of no faith at all!. As a spiritual director, My role is to companion you in your particular articulation of what provides ultimate meaning to you- even if you might consider yourself a humanist or atheist. Your understanding of yourself and your relationship to spirituality may change over time; the tools and resources that we may use in spiritual direction sessions will help you connect with is most essential to you