FAQ on Spiritual Direction

(Frequently Asked Questions) on Spiritual Direction

What is spiritual direction?

Spiritual direction is the process of accompanying people on their spiritual journey. A spiritual director works with seekers who wish to listen for the voice of God/Goddess in their lives, discern the spiritual dimensions of vocation, or offer listening and guidance around spiritual practice.

What are you currently offering?

I offer one on one spiritual direction on Zoom.

What will this be like?

We will meet for an hour-long session, once a month, on Zoom or, by prior arrangement, with another video-conferencing app. We open and close with a centering or grounding moment. Our sessions will mostly consist of listening, but from time to time, we will use guided meditation, divination, lectio and visio divina, and other spiritual practices.

Who can benefit from spiritual direction?

  • Religious Professionals, or those discerning a call to ministry (chaplains, congregational ministers, religious educators, entrepreneurial ministry)
  •  Activists experiencing burnout.
  •  Artists, writers, and creatives of all types who seek to understand the sources of their inspiration
  • Seekers experiencing a new faith or struggling with doubt in their current faith
  • Those engaged in spiritual practices who seek someone who can help them understand what they are experiencing
  • Anyone who wishes to deepen their sense of the holy, and needs a careful listener to hold up a mirror to their understanding

Do I have to be a person of a particular faith to benefit from spiritual direction?

Spiritual direction is for people of any faith or of no faith at all! As a spiritual director, My role is to companion you in your particular articulation of what provides ultimate meaning to you- even if you might consider yourself a humanist or atheist. Your understanding of yourself and your relationship to spirituality may change over time; everything we do is designed to connect you to what is most important to you.

How is this different from therapy, or life coaching?

A therapist is trained in helping you identify patterns of behavior which arise from past traumas or past experiences and then counter them with behavior modification or other skills. A life coach helps you set and achieve goals in relationships and career. Although our trauma and relationships come up in spiritual direction, our efforts will be centered around how life experiences affect your relationship with the God/goddess. Many times, for example, a loss (whether it be career or family or friends) will make us angry at God/goddess. A spiritual director helps you sort out how your experiences color your relationship with God/dess.