Every Day Heroes who Make Life Bearable

The following individuals make my life tolerable:

The staff of Dunkin Donuts on Lex between 91st and 92nd. I told them my favorite  Bollywood song, Jumma De, a few months ago, and now it is basically my name there whenever I come in to get my iced tea. Which I do, daily, even though I could bring it from home or contrive to brew it.  They are always kind to me about mentioning my gradual weight loss, so I tell them it is because of the donuts I am not eating. They are hard working folks from Bangladesh. I wish I had all their names.I only remember a few. I will post them.

Next would be Sebastian and his newsstand kitty, Paris. I like store cats. Store cats make the world run, in my opinion. To protect the location of this particular store cat, I will only insert this picture:

Paris the newsstand peeping around the corner

The other person who makes my life more bearable belongs in the religion category- the Alleluia guy. This is a guy, I am assuming he is pentecostal, and from what I can glean he is from the Caribbean originally. He walks up and down the neighborhood from 96th to 110 or so, in any mild weather, with a Bible in his hand, exclaiming that God is good. Alleluia! Alleluia! I really dig this guys tenacity. His voice is part of the neighborhood symphony, as it were, and I don’t mind it. In fact, I feel all is right with the world and the “hood” whenever I hear it.

Urban living is a grind. Sometimes we go about our daily chores, patterns, and activities with blinkers on, settled into our own psyches and not knowing what is around us.  This is inevitable. But thank the gods for people who draw us out, and make us smile.

Peace out!

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