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  • Death and Dying in a Pagan Context- Grief Rituals and Meditations

    This was my homework for my recently completed class- on Death and Dying in a pagan context. I really should have come up with more ideas, though… so I am open to suggestions and thoughts on improvement, or other resources! Rituals for the Transformative Nature of Bereavement In our readings on the grief process and […]

  • Strangers and Strange Worlds

    A few weeks ago, I attended a discussion at Faith House Manhattan by Samir Selmanovic. The theme for this discussion, talk, and reading was the important spiritual role of the Stranger. Mr. Selmanovic used two biblical texts as the core of his discussion- In the Old Testament, chapter 18 of Genesis, in which Abraham, sitting […]

  • Launching a New Network- the Circle for Power and Compassion!

    Gee, I hope this name isn’t taken already… I’ve decided to launch a new network. Here are the details.  Anyone can take part, but it is meant first of all for the community which I know best. I am interested in forming a network of service-oriented pagans, witches, heathens, druids, African Diaspora faiths,  members of […]