Category: Spirituality

  • Yard sale, thrift sale, clean out

    I have been thinking lately about the meaning of used things. When we acquire them, when we love and use them, when we get rid of them, and what happens to them after we are gone. Here is my take on the spiritual, social, and psychological differences between the various forms of stuff exchange: Stoop […]

  • And now for a little vanity

    Priests and Priestesses all around the world and through the centuries have always faced a certain dilemma… What to wear? Namely, why is so hard to find a white dress that is NOT a wedding gown? Now, at a certain point, the values of the culture, religion, and avocation dictate this. You can’t have monks […]

  • The Wheel of the Year Service Matrix

    Last year around this time, MLK day,  I launched a venture called the Circle of Power and Compassion. Even though we only did one service opportunity, a day volunteering with It’s my Park! Day, I haven’t given up. Working on NYC Pagan Pride, attending Faith House, running my coven, taking  2 class at Cherry Hill […]

  • Death and Dying in a Pagan Context- Grief Rituals and Meditations

    This was my homework for my recently completed class- on Death and Dying in a pagan context. I really should have come up with more ideas, though… so I am open to suggestions and thoughts on improvement, or other resources! Rituals for the Transformative Nature of Bereavement In our readings on the grief process and […]

  • Samhain Poem by Valerie

    Cradled on the brink,  in a place of the earth’s own making, the leaves and the voices are rattling my soul, the darkness closes in, the candles are lighted, but they are with me, all that I treasure and will treasure, there is no god/dess that is trampled by the grinding heap of rubble in […]

  • Strangers and Strange Worlds

    A few weeks ago, I attended a discussion at Faith House Manhattan by Samir Selmanovic. The theme for this discussion, talk, and reading was the important spiritual role of the Stranger. Mr. Selmanovic used two biblical texts as the core of his discussion- In the Old Testament, chapter 18 of Genesis, in which Abraham, sitting […]