Category: Activism

  • The Wheel of the Year Service Matrix

    Last year around this time, MLK day,  I launched a venture called the Circle of Power and Compassion. Even though we only did one service opportunity, a day volunteering with It’s my Park! Day, I haven’t given up. Working on NYC Pagan Pride, attending Faith House, running my coven, taking  2 class at Cherry Hill […]

  • Launching a New Network- the Circle for Power and Compassion!

    Gee, I hope this name isn’t taken already… I’ve decided to launch a new network. Here are the details.  Anyone can take part, but it is meant first of all for the community which I know best. I am interested in forming a network of service-oriented pagans, witches, heathens, druids, African Diaspora faiths,  members of […]