Author: Valerie Freseman

  • 2013 International Christian Buddhist Conference at Union Seminary

    This upcoming conference at my seminary is making me geeky with excitement. These are the rock star theologians in liberation and Buddhist theology. Varied perspectives.  The conference is in honor of retiring professor Paul Knitter. Go if you can!

  • Big Name Pagans, Ministerial Formation, and the Calling.

    BNPs. It is a phenomenon that Peter Dying and Crystal Blanton have brought into the pagan blogosphere recently.  And, as someone who has pondered aspects of leadership deeply as I work towards my M.Div at Union Theological Seminary in New York, I have had occasion to think about identity, leadership, ministerial formation, and contemporary pagan […]

  • Invocation: A Pagan Chaplaincy Perspective

    Invocation I call to the  Shaman who travels between the worlds.  To the Witch who bends and shapes the energy of nature.  To the Herbalist who uses the power of plants. To the men and women of boldness within the Unitarian Universalist tradition who crafted a progressive, inclusive faith from two heresies.  To those who […]

  • Midwife of the Sacred: Reflections of a Pagan Hospital Chaplain (Intern) in a Monotheistic World

    “Would you like to pray together?” “Yes, I would. Thank you, I would” “What would you like me to include in the prayer” “Just to pray to Jesus that I get well and that this biopsy does not give me any pain” “Sure we can do that…” This conversation happens to me multiple times a […]

  • Bursting out of the Pagan Closet, Ethics in Hand…

    Yesterday was “International Coming out Pagan Day”.  A day when, according to ICOPD, the all of us who want to affirm our membership in the neo-Pagan movement. I did my part with my Facebook Status, and as a member of the NYC Pagan Pride Committee, I hope to contribute by making sure that our annual […]

  • Abundant Spring: A Pagan Nature Walk

    To these I will teach things that are yet unknown… Yesterday on a perfect Saturday afternoon, a circle of acquaintances  met at Inwood Hills Park. This event was planned more than two months ago by myself and two other friends- Joanna and Peter.  It was our intention to start a Pagan Environmental Action Committee of […]

  • Samhain Night- A Poem for all who have touched (or been touched by) Strangers’ Gate Coven

    On the Occasion of the 10th Anniversary of Strangers’ Gate Coven Oh, I am home tonight Under the moon I am truly home Where the wind rips the leaves and they scatter, trembling Across a cold stone street, I am at home. When a tawny river arcs across the sky, And stars find their light […]

  • Hosea 11: 1-12 reimagined as Gaia speaking to her children

    I did this for Old Testament class. I love writing poetry, so I enjoyed the assignment, which was to re-write a prophetic text to respond to a modern issue. Valerie Freseman OT 101: Hosea 11:1-12 (An extended lament/prophecy of the Earth/Nature to those who refuse to stop global warming….) When humankind was but a child, […]

  • A Diviner’s Invocation (Just look for Wellstar Divination on FB)

    From time to time I feel compelled to compose a little liturgy. My divination *ahem- shameless plug alert*  business is Wellstar Divination. It came to me from repeated dreams I had about the image of the Star in the Victorian Romantic Tarot. I urge you to check out Magic Realist Press– they design the most […]

  • Sacred Community

    I love groups. I am often a joiner. I think that despite the hue and cry that the world is fragmented into a billion people sitting at their computers, acting like electronic hermits by facebooking, google chatting, and what have you by themselves, I think the flesh and blood group is just as vibrant as […]