A Wiccan rosary, revised

I was inspired recently by an event at Faith House Manhattan to dredge up and edit this Rosary poem which I wrote aeons ago.

Father to guide me

Mother to love me

Father to love me

Mother to Guide me

East for my soul’s flight

South for my soul’s fire

West for my soul’s thirst

North for my soul’s growth

Spirit the song that I sing to the world

As it is above

May I have beauty and strength

As it is below

Let me show power and compassion

for I am  strand in the weaving,

and the worker at the loom…

by Valerie Freseman

copyright 2001

and edited again 2010

Discussed on the December 8th evening at Faith House were Sufi Prayer beads, the Muzezeh, and Orthodox icons. To me there is always something fascinating to be learned from tangible objects of faith. The Prayer beads and the neat “i-phone” version reminded me of at least 3 prayer beads I own myself that were crafted by Goddess worshipers- one is a nice gift from a coven mate, who crafted them for all of us one Yule,  with beads representing the elements and God and Goddess. One was a simple green chain which came  attached with with an adaptation of the Lord’s prayer changed around to represent only words of the Goddess(the prayer I don’t say so much because it crosses a line for me to just change the words around on another faith tradition) and another one I purchased myself because I liked the colors and the length.  Hmm. Seems like I should put pictures up, right? Maybe tomorrow! (It is getting late!)



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