A Diviner’s Invocation (Just look for Wellstar Divination on FB)

From time to time I feel compelled to compose a little liturgy. My divination *ahem- shameless plug alert*  business is Wellstar Divination. It came to me from repeated dreams I had about the image of the Star in the Victorian Romantic Tarot. I urge you to check out Magic Realist Press– they design the most awesome decks.  Essentially, I kept dreaming about this card and wells…

You can read about my approach to Tarot by searching Wellstar Divination on Facebook.

Here is what I just composed, I am going to use it at the start of every reading:
Divination Invocation
(Diviner holds the dominant hand of the querent in her dominant hand)

In this time, in this hour, let truth shine
As moonlight shines in the darkest well
In this time, at this moment, let truth shine
As sunlight shines so that the flowers may bud
In this time, in this hour, let truth shine
As dawn dispels the mists
In this time, at this moment, let truth shine,
As hope dispels despair
In this time, let us invoke the light of discernment.
I honor  you, for there is no part of you that is not part of the Gods.
I honor this hour, for there is no moment of our lives that cannot be a moment of grace.
Let us begin the reading.

Do any of you diviners out there reading this blog have a stock phrase or poem you use to open the channels of inspiration?

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