2013 Just Food Conference: Who Owns the Food

Food Justice: Who owns the food? Food justice is an incredibly complex social issue. At every step along the food chain, moral choices are being made—from who controls seed patents, to which crops are subsidized, to the conditions of workers who serve, process, and harvest the food we eat. When we separate the health ofContinue reading “2013 Just Food Conference: Who Owns the Food”

Extreme Composting at Union Seminary!

EXTREME COMPOSTING- brought to you by the Edible Churchyard! If there is one thing that the Edible Churchyard is known for at Union, it’s composting. Composting is the one thing we do that reminds us that even in a city environment, there are simple ways to create a holistic relationship with the sacred earth. ButContinue reading “Extreme Composting at Union Seminary!”