Samhain Night- A Poem for all who have touched (or been touched by) Strangers’ Gate Coven

On the Occasion of the 10th Anniversary of Strangers’ Gate Coven

Oh, I am home tonight
Under the moon I am truly home
Where the wind rips the leaves and they scatter, trembling
Across a cold stone street,
I am at home.

When a tawny river arcs across the sky,
And stars find their light
When a predator awakens,
Hunting in the night
I am home

Is there a wave seeking its mate?
Caressing a willing shore?
Then I am there- the lonely conjurer-
Stalking the ancient lore.

Is there a spark or a screaming fire
Gathered in a wood-
Or a shadow made by an outstretched hand-
Drawing close her hood?

Oh the circle, it calls to me,
By the name my coven knows,
And we gather together, to make sacred space-
In a time that is not time- In a place that is not a place.

Oh, We are home tonight,
Turning the Sacred wheel
Lifting the Veil Invisible,
Dancing the Dance,
That sings to our blood.

Oh, I am home tonight.

Published by Valerie Freseman

Valerie Freseman is a Unitarian Universalist minister and a 2014 graduate of Union Theological Seminary. She completed a chaplain residency at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center in Hartford, CT, and served as the first year-long Killam Ministerial intern at the First Unitarian Church of Cleveland. She is passionate about spinning the inter-dependent web, creating a more just world, and applying the arts to faith.  She is also becoming increasingly well-known for her sock collection.

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