Month: June 2011

  • Where have all the rites of passage gone?

    Not long ago,  I was walking out of my   work place at the precise moment that a huge party of people were lining up to use our facilities for a graduation.  We see a lot of graduations in June because it is a good opportunity to make the most of unused spaces during the […]

  • And now a word about hypomania…

    [youtube=] I’ve always been fascinated about how people on the edge, who live with mental illness, manage to get through life. I certainly find the following presentation fascinating from the Ted Conference- I am not sure what he is advocating- that we should let bipolar folks off their meds from time to time and see […]

  • The Ecstacy of Summer (Solstice)

    Since I am beginning full-time seminary in the fall, I am saving my money this summer and probably not going anywhere for a long vacation. I am feeling the need to hit the beach, and if I can get a good cheap booking at this point I may betake myself to Cap May, NJ,  my […]