And now a few words from Hildegard of Bingen

I dusted off my shelves recently a book I bought ages ago at the lamented, long-lost Cathedral of St. John the Divine store-Meditations of Hildegard of Bingen, edited by Gabrielle Uhlein. Here are some excerpts:

Limitless love,
from the depths to the stars:
flooding all,
loving all,
It is the royal kiss of peace

The sun is set in the firmament of heaven,
It watches over earthly creation,
letting nothing perish.

God watches over us in just such a way.

In no way,
can a believer that sets
heart and being on God
ever be forgotten by God

The Sun climbs in its course
and a mid-day burns in full glow
This is how it is with those who are just.

They demonstrate fullness and justice.
They cannot be hindered,
just as the sun cannot be hindered in its ascent.
No warmth ever goes to waste.

Enjoy, and keep warm!

Published by Valerie Freseman

Valerie Freseman is a Unitarian Universalist minister and a 2014 graduate of Union Theological Seminary. She completed a chaplain residency at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center in Hartford, CT, and served as the first year-long Killam Ministerial intern at the First Unitarian Church of Cleveland. She is passionate about spinning the inter-dependent web, creating a more just world, and applying the arts to faith.  She is also becoming increasingly well-known for her sock collection.

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