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Imbolc Song (sung to the tune of the air “The Flower of Finae”)

Bright red is your flame on a cold winter’s morning, We welcome your touch at the Spring’s early dawning, Come Brigit, bright maiden, awaken the land, Come Brigit, bright maiden, be welcome this day. The craftsman you guide him, his … Continue reading

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What is magick? A most excellent essay by David Rankine

This essay sums it up for me. Sorry, oh six internet fans out there, for merely reprinting stuff instead of gifting you with my own pearls of wisdom,  but I was thinking about a blog post about my take on … Continue reading

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Poetry Slam for Brighid: A Poem by Elinor Wylie in honor of… Snow!!

Let us walk in the white snow In a soundless space; With footsteps quiet and slow, At a tranquil pace, Under veils of white lace. I shall go shod in silk, And you in wool, White as white cow’s milk, … Continue reading

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And now for a little vanity

Priests and Priestesses all around the world and through the centuries have always faced a certain dilemma… What to wear? Namely, why is so hard to find a white dress that is NOT a wedding gown? Now, at a certain … Continue reading

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And now a few words from Hildegard of Bingen

I dusted off my shelves recently a book I bought ages ago at the lamented, long-lost Cathedral of St. John the Divine store-Meditations of Hildegard of Bingen, edited by Gabrielle Uhlein. Here are some excerpts: Limitless love, from the depths … Continue reading

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The Wheel of the Year Service Matrix

Last year around this time, MLK day,  I launched a venture called the Circle of Power and Compassion. Even though we only did one service opportunity, a day volunteering with It’s my Park! Day, I haven’t given up. Working on … Continue reading

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YouTube – valfreeze87’s Channel

YouTube – valfreeze87’s Channel.

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We Pray with Magick

I have to come clean. I have been a Unitarian Universalist since the middle of November. Now, this may not be a shocker since Unitarian Universalism is the only denomination I am aware of that accepts neopagans in their midst. … Continue reading

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