Month: December 2010

  • Light the bayberry candles folks- the inevitable New Year’s thoughts

    2010: a litany of bad behaviors to avoid. I dislike resolutions. I think of cycles, not years, I try to avoid calendar year thinking at all costs.  I have no resolutions besides the ones I have already set for myself,  which are ongoing, so instead, here are a few fun behaviors/things to want to trash  […]

  • A Wiccan rosary, revised

    I was inspired recently by an event at Faith House Manhattan to dredge up and edit this Rosary poem which I wrote aeons ago. Father to guide me Mother to love me Father to love me Mother to Guide me East for my soul’s flight South for my soul’s fire West for my soul’s thirst […]

  • A repost from last year- an real oldie but goodie.

    A little something for the Winter Holidaze season from me and Fra Giovanni to you! by Valerie Freseman “I salute you. There is nothing I can give you which you have not got. But there is much, very much, that while I cannot give, you can take. No heaven can come to us unless our […]

  • My “This I believe” Essay

    This I believe. That magic is, indeed, necessary, essential, vital, for life. As are all acts of Power and Compassion necessary- for all that lives. And by magic I mean no great spell to win a lover or a job or material happiness I mean the magic of people bonded together in mystery and in […]

  • Death and Dying in a Pagan Context- Grief Rituals and Meditations

    This was my homework for my recently completed class- on Death and Dying in a pagan context. I really should have come up with more ideas, though… so I am open to suggestions and thoughts on improvement, or other resources! Rituals for the Transformative Nature of Bereavement In our readings on the grief process and […]

  • Myth-inspired poetry in progress

    “When in the height heaven was not named, And the earth beneath did not yet bear a name, And the primeval Apsu, who begat them, And chaos, Tiamut, the mother of them both Their waters were mingled together, And no field was formed, no marsh was to be seen; When of the gods none had […]